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Enclosure Tips

What to Consider When Planning Your Enclosure.

Clear or Opaque Glass?Whether you're renovating an existing bathroom or building a new one, the Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association (BEMA) suggests the following when planning your enclosure:

Where are the plumbing fixtures in relationship to the door of your enclosure?

Do you want clear or opaque glass?

Do you want the option of a steam bath?

What color do you want for your metal frame?

Is there a place to hang a towel within 12 inches of your shower?

Is your tub or shower floor level?

Are your walls and base straight and plumb?

Looking from the outside of your enclosure, which way will it open, hinge right or hinge left?

Measure All DimensionsWhat to Measure. Whether installing your own enclosure or having it done by a professional there are some key measurements you should make:

Measure all dimensions and draw a sketch of your bathroom

Be sure to allow at least 24 inches of floor space in front of the enclosure

For more involved designs, BEMA strongly recommends a professional installation.

Enclosure Terms. Here are some common terms that you may encounter when thinking of a bath enclosure.

Bi-Fold. A door that folds in the middle, usually having one end in a fixed position while the other runs along a guide track.

Bypass. A door with two or more panels that run in parallel tracks.

Continuous Hinge Door. A shower door with a full-length continuous metal hinge on its side.

Fixed Panels. The glass or plastic panels of an enclosure that do not move.

Framed. A bath enclosure system that minimizes the amount of metal used to hold system panels and door in place.

Hinge Door. A shower door that has a jointed metal hinge on the side of the door.

In-Line Panels. Fixed panels that are aligned with the shower door.

Magnetic Latch. A latch that holds the door shut using magnets.

Obscure Glass. Glass that lets light through, but is not totally transparent.

Pivot Door. A shower door that rotates two metal pivots on the top and bottom of the door.

Tempered Glass. Glass that has been strengthened by a process of gradually heating and cooling it. Once glass has been tempered, it cannot be cut. By code, all glass shower doors must use tempered glass.

The Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association (BEMA) is a Topeka, Kansas based organization set up by industry companies to raise consumer awareness of the advantages of bath enclosures as the quality alternative to shower curtains. Its Web site is (which contains information on how to clean a bath enclosure) or it can be reached through

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